Mr. Reza Shah LLB


Mental health expert and head trainer, started Retina Project as part of his Masters degree. Originally trained by Mind Matters UK five years ago and certified to be a mental health trainer, with pro bono experience in facilitating art and horticultural therapies,  youth training in schools, youth mentoring, and 0ccupational mental health.


Career Highlights

2020 – MSc Bus. – Logistics and Global Operations (Due)

2018 – Disability Students Officer for Lincoln Student Union

2016 – Headed a team of Mind Matters Trainers to Nationalrail

2015 – Delivered training to IPSA (in support of a governmental Green Paper on Mental Health) who advises The House Of Commons.

2012 – BA (Hons) Law – LLB

2010 – County youth politician (Lincolnshire).

2007 – Appointed Head Administrator for an award winning private medical practice (Private Dentistry Awards: Best New Practice catagory 2005).


“Mental Health is at unprecedented levels, having personally been affected I feel compelled to do everything possible to encourage well-being in individuals and communities. For a problem like poor mental health, an innovative approach to empowering the public is needed, which at Retina Project is about training local organisations to better safeguard their employees whilst beautifying their business premises with meditation gardens.”

Mr Arthur Mitchell BSc MSc


Excellent skills in data science having learned about machine learning for computer vision, currently completing a research degree in this area and to this end has been awarded a studentship. Arthur is interested in being able to facilitate community gardens and automated closed loop systems, he is able to apply his skill set across multiple areas. Arthur will be taking charge of our digital operations to ensure operational efficacy on all deliveries and company managment.


Career Highlights

2019 – MSc – Research Project

2018 – Studentship Award (National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Science and Technology Facilities Council of the United Kingdom)

2018 – BSc (Hons) 1st – Computer Science

2017 – Captain of the University Men’s Rowing Team


“Retina is a great idea as mental health issues have been skyrocketing in recent years so to be part of a startup that can actually help people is a fulfilling opportunity, with ideas that can really  improve conditions for people, with a focus on community calming through training and meditation gardens it provides different ways to help people. I am particularly interested in pushing the ideas of community and meditation gardens, I believe it is important for people to have a nice space to relax surrounded by a clam environment, something I feel the majority of businesses lack.”

Miss. Nina Brazzo BA (Hons)

Community Engagement

Based in Africa, Nina is an accomplished photographer, published poet, as an artistic director she fosters cross culture events and communication between fragmented communities. Her NPO has been funded by the indonesian government to promote good relations on it’s behalf via cultural exchange as an accomplished singer, dancer and poet. Nina advocates for Mental Health training and community garden projects for Retina Project as a way to bridge and heal the past from which South Africa is still recovering. With Nina,  Retina Project has already gained traction with inter-community organisations to support local social inclusion projects.


Career Highlights

Started a Non Profit Organisation: Rahasia MafiusaNPO

Awarded Cultural Exchange Advocacy Grant by Indonesian Government


” Retina Project speaks deeply to me with its emphasis on reconciliation through tackling Mental Health problems, it is my pleasure to participate in this massive movement.”

Mr. Nic Cobb

Community Engagement

Nic joined bringing  a wealth of experience and accomplishments within community engagement and international relations, he is UK based will be co training in advocacy sessions to community stakeholders and promoting our cross border objectives of mental wellbeing and social inclusive projects.


Career Highlights

Started Cobb Energy

Awarded Honorary Member of  Moscow Constablary


“Retina Project is an initiative that is fresh and intuitive in its approach to a global epidemic.”

Mr. Seth McKenzie Dip


A highly motivated entrepreneur based in Africa who will be monitoring our cross border garden projects over there, with experience in creative design, urban farming and property dvelopment Seth is Retina Projects “boots on the ground” with our african collaborators sites. He is interested in automated urban food projects for under resourced areas, and using his experience in youth training.


Career Highlights

2015 – Co-founded a Mushroom Urban Farm

2014 – Founded a Silversmith Jewelliers

2012 – Barista Trainer

2012 – Diploma in Chinese Medicine


“I love Retina Project’s objectives because we believe we can build a better future for ourselves and those around us and for the generations to come by educating and empowering the less fortunate. Knowledge is empowering,  those who have this can give back to our communities. By becoming involved in this project and the social easement of the communities around us Retina Project will have a perpetual impact that will far exceed what we as individuals could have done alone so to collaborate and work with these talented individuals involved is privilege.