Mental Health Training

All training sessions delivered following a needs assessment and are tailored for our clients to ensure that the sessions will be their most relevent.

Retina offers the following tailored training packages (sessions vary  2 – 4 hours):

  1. Basic Mental Health: MH awareness workshop, applicable to all to foster general vigilance.
  2. Resilient Young Minds: Addressing the effects of bullying, improving class focus, and coping strategies to achieve the most out of schooling years, aimed at 14 – 18 year olds.
  3. The Students Dilemma: Acheiving academic success whilst fending off Mental Health challenges, self care at uni, and getting prepared for the “Real World”.
  4. Resilient Workers Are Champions: Delivery on Occupational Mental Health, preventing burnout, identify signs in employees and prevention strategies within the workplace .
  5. Fostering Resilience in your Workforce: an HRM’s guide to bringing out the best in their team and preventing diffculties ahead of time.
  6. Positivity Training: Adults only, an intense look at the self and creating positivity out of intrusive thoughts or past trauma.
  7. 1 on 1 Coaching: Where a performance coach will work closely with an individual to bring out their very best. (coming soon)
  8. Bespoke HRM MH Policy: We will bring in a psychologist with experience to help make a diagnostic assessment of the workforce and help write the best policy to compliment your needs. (coming soon)

For prices and to book a no obligation needs assessment, email:

Meditation Spaces

This service compliments our workshops and encourages urban greenification which increases mental  health benefits on high stress environments like city populations. The workplace garden can be where your team goes to reset after meeting their objectives and sealing that high stakes deal.

We design, procure and arrange installation of your garden project on time and to budget, with these design focusses:

  1. Japansese Zen: Low maintennace with little or no water with the focus on rock appreciation, bonsai and Sesuiku stone features, Bonsais, and a Sand floor. Zen Gardens are outdoor and meant to show an appreciation for the elements via specific rock installations, designed to increase mindfullness and meditation.
  2. Balinese: Stone steps to lead you through a spitiual story or journey using lots of water via ponds and water features with wooden fixtures which can be tradeitional or contemporary as you prefer.
  3. Modern: If a non traditional urban garden is your preferance with a focus on pragmatism and socially focused we can design one with the any of the afore mentioned aspects, usually meant for social get togethers like work barbecues, serene waiting area for your clients and or lunch time relaxation for your employees.
  4. Closed-loop System: An indoor garden using technology and fish to create a mini eco system with water conservation in mind, great for ease of acces and peace of mind. Due to the aesthetic appeals it can be a  place tfor inspiration, best used as an open plan attraction piece for restaurants as it is a marvel to look at with easy access to great fresh herbs. (coming soon)
  5. Indoor Garden: Lights and watering system to have in a closed space like a restaurant kitchen or just a vertical garden in your eating area or waiting rooms. (coming soon)


For the best results the landscaping wil be outsourceed to one of our qualified and experienced collaborators, Retina Project will design, procurement of materials and manage the project plan for your garden, as you require, liase with you for any amendments.

Each garden size and elements are tailored for you, for a no obligation needs assessment email us at:


Community Wellbeing

We invest in engaging with other impact makers and community leaders accross the UK and doing internal research to facilitate social change, we have experience in working and researching abroad to facilitate social inclusion. A solid pluralistic community is resilient and dynamic, heterogenous and inclusive, mental wellbeing is fostered and spread via grassroot collaboration projects:

  1. Sporting Events – We sponsor races for the team to raise money for a mental health charity.
  2. Cross Culture Advocacy – With community stakeholders and interfaith groups to promote community wellbeing and cohesion.
  3. Pro Bono 1-1 consultations for individuals and organisations on needs and Occupational Mental Health issues.

Feel free to reach out to us to collaborate with us on our community projects, or if you have any proposals on creating a mentally healthy and pluralistic society.