We want you to make the most of your team.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a serious mental health problem in thier lifetimes it has not just been the individuals who suffer but their families and loved ones, recent research has shown the direct effect on the economy as a whole suffers via poor worker performance (est. UK economy cost of £105.2 bil in 2018: Dept. of Health). The indirect effect on learners and young people potential contribution is incalculable.

Worker resilience is key, your business can see a 33% increase in profits (Gallup) 43% increase in productivity (Hay Group) and a staggering 300% in business innovation (HBR). This allows organisations to maintain and grow their market share without hiring new staff. Motivated and happy staff offset possible occupational mental health risks, Retina Project can assist increasing productivity, hire and retain better staff that will place you strategically ahead of your competition. We will  help develop staff awareness and resilience (via MH awarness training) and mindfullness maintenance (via meditation spaces) combining staff resilience and mindfullness has been proven to rejuvenate both the mind and body, this potent combination will help staff combat stress and achieve  higher levels of productivity.

Students and young learners have seen an increase in mental health problems to unprecedented levels, the workshop is designed to tackle  learners ability to cope and master concentration, aggressive and unruly behaviour whilst focusing on combatting poor performance in school and or university. Emotional instabiliity and poor academic performace renders young people and graduates ill prepared for life outside of an educational institution. This service is aimed to empower students with the tools to self assess and take the necessary actions to offset the feelings of anxiety and emotional instability. Empowering students and young people with emotional intelligence and self awareness leads to effective young adults to help shape the world to be its future best. Schools are places for learning and true “leisure“.

Retina Project was started to tackle this scale of mental health problems of modern society by combining Mental Health training, meditation gardens and community wellbeing outreach work, we are doing something that has not been done before. This is how we take a fresh look at mental health.